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Influential Imagery provide graphics and exhibit review at a price that allows us to service small and midsize law firms, with experience servicing global law firms. Our production model streamlines graphic development which tremendously reduces costs.

Typically our rates include all of the necessary technologies to tell your story and win your audience over. Influential Imagery include monitors, projectors, and virtually every other presentation medium at no cost to you.

Influential Imagery's goal is to outperform our competition in every arena of trial graphics and court room presentation. The utilization of current technologies, innovative production procedures, and lower costs allows us to leverage your bargaining position when you are shopping for trial graphics and courtroom presentation consultants with our competition.

Jeremy Young, our founder, has 15 years of experience building trial presentations that are proven effective. Trained as an animator and having obtained a bachelor of arts degree, gives Jeremy a unique vision for content. His technical expertise was earned in the trenches of trial presentation while the technologies were in their infancy. This combination of skills is unique to Influential Imagery and the trial graphics industry.

Here at Influential Imagery we know that, if given the opportunity, Influential Imagery will become your trial graphics provider for life!

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