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How we design our courtroom presentations at Influential Imagery

At Influential Imagery we prefer to develop an evolving presentation along side our client. We feel that nothing is ever finished, and that the communications made through our presentations are of the utmost importance. There is much that is communicated simply within the method you choose to present your ideas. If you were to use a linear slide presentation instead of an interactive set of tools to be left behind for your audience to explore, that speaks volumes.

The way your content is introduced speaks volumes as well. A slide presentation that is simply read, word for word, is excruciatingly painful to witness. Effective presentations are performed, not delivered. One must take ownership and perform in unison with the graphics of the presentation, not mimic the words presented on screen.

The best way to avoid a mind numbing presentation is through rehearsal, and discussion. Often times the content of a presentation will continually change, or evolve, up until the very moment of delivery to the audience. The evolutionary process that occurs is most beneficial when it happens through rehearsal because you can sense the awkward moments that arise within a presentation. The best planned and developed graphics strategies have weaknesses that do not manifest themselves until the speaker rehearses with the graphics. In some cases the speaker and our consultants are too close to the content to feel the weakness, and someone else in the room during a rehearsal session points it out.

This is what is meant by an evolutionary process. We try to approach every presentation in this manner.

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