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How we do it at Influential Imagery

The visual strategies that we develop are of a theatrical nature. We build imagery to supplement the spoken word, which is crafted with the intention to persuade. As the words change, so must the presentation.

We try to review the content of a presentation and choose technologies that would best fit the content. In some cases 3-D graphics are the best fit, in others, perhaps a scripted video presentation. We try to develop completely illustrative content that can stand alone, but also be implemented in a supplementary fashion. The breadths of our skills are as follows:

3-D (Three Dimensional) Graphics
3-D graphics are relatively new to this arena. 3-D graphics are generally most useful when you are trying to illustrate processes or objects that are either too large, or too small to photograph. 3-D graphics are utilized abundantly when trying to illustrate biological process, like DNA transcription. 3-D graphics are also the most scientifically accurate, as they are constructed using engineering schematics, like CAD files, for a basis. The primary utility in these sorts of graphics are to visualize content that is abstract, or difficult to illustrate through traditional media.

Video Presentations
Video presentations are an aging method of presentation. Video graphics are most useful when you have a photogenic expert, which exudes knowledge in their field. In many instances all of the other graphics designed for a particular portion of a presentation are presented through video as well. This format of presentation is useful when you have very complicated manufacturing processes, or very large subject matter. The primary utility in these sorts of presentations are of an instructional nature.

Interactive Presentations
Interactive presentations are vastly becoming the primary method of presentation. Interactivity by definition is non-linear. These designs are exploratory in nature. These sorts of designs are best when used as a supplemental device left behind with your audience to help them explore the issues you’ve presented at their own will.

Traditional Presentation Support
An excellent support staff is critical to the success of your presentation. The most solid of arguments can become diluted when poorly presented. The most effective support technicians are seamless additions that integrate into your team effortlessly. The most successful support technicians have an aptitude to learn the issues involved in any presentation, and utilize those issues within their design strategies. Being good designers and excellent presentation technicians, our support technicians also have exceptional technical expertise.

The utility of this individual becomes second to none. The way we overcome the competition is by the skills we incorporate in each of our operatives, include:

  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Hardware
  • Graphics
  • Presentation Technologies
  • Presentation Environment Operations


Not only are out operatives more efficient, all of our supplemental processing services tend to be less expensive. We offer these solutions:

  • Synchronization of video transcripts
  • Document digitization
  • On site support and logistics
  • Graphics and animation
  • Video production
  • Strategic presentation development


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